Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Things have been super busy lately with work… Travel, feature dancing, fashion shoots, porno shoots, working my ass off on various other projects that shall remain secret for now.

Doing all of the above as well as trying to maintain a somewhat active social life AND be my regular awkward reclusive self has been a little challenging… haha….

But I do love my life! The other day I went to visit an old friend who I hadn't seen in several months and he asked me what I had been up to. Of course, because I had smoked heavily before hand I replied with "Been super stressed, but it's great!", Everyone laughed at how contradicting my statement was, but it's true! Allow me to elaborate. I feel like there are different levels of stress…. Bad stress and good stress! I mean, no one really likes stress itself, but I'd much rather be happily stressed because I'm doing something that makes me happy and DRIVES me than be bored on my ass doing nothing comfortably. Know what I mean?

So yes. All in all I just want to be in a place where if the aliens do come at the end of the year (if you believe in all that crap) I will have no regrets! Haha….


I've been trying to take more pictures with a camera I bought a little while ago. It's just a shitty little thing.. very basic for my beginner needs, but it still shoots in HD video, so I want to start learning how to edit! I think it'll be fun to make my own little bonus videos for my website!

Here are some random pictures I've taken and tried to edit haha…. I'm not very good, but everyone has to start somewhere don't they?? =)

Play time
Some of my toys...

One of my favorite things to do to myself is put clothespins on my pussy while I masturbate.. hurts and feels good at the same time >=)

random hair I did
A hair thing I did.. I'm only good at one off hair styles.. I doubt I could recreate this =(

flower blooming tea
Some special tea from my mum!

It blooms while it brews!!

A picture from my trip to Spain earlier this year

more of spain
This was my view every single day whilst in Spain!

A silly self portrait..

This will most likely be my last blog here because I am going to migrate to a much more official blog on my upcoming website, which I will be updating a lot more frequently!!

It hasn't launched yet, so when you click on "enter" it just takes you to the puba home page, but it's coming I promise!!!

Here is a teaser from that top secret project I mentioned earlier… ooh you guys are gonna just LOVE it!!!!

Yes that kitty tail is attached to a butt plug which is in my......

Oh! I almost forgot!!!

I made a new instagram! Add me and not all those damn fake profiles of me that are insanely annoying... >_<

Instagram: skindiamond

- Ms Diamond xoxo