Thursday, March 1, 2012

Kitty Pride!

I just got a new cat!

Photography: Maxime Avet
Latex: Joy Williams

I decided kind of on a whim the other day that now was the perfect time to get myself a little companion since I had been thinking about doing it a lot anyway. I grew up always surrounded by kitty cats. They are a constant source of amusement yet they are totally independent, and I can get down with that.

I like to see myself as very cat like (you may have noticed) … maybe I was a cat in another life?! Or maybe I'm just crazy. It's very probably the latter….

IMG_0129 copie

There have been studies of a parasite (Toxoplasma gondii) that is found in cat feces that can infect humans. This parasite lies dormant in the brain and other tissues of humans and affects neurotic behavior.

The studies were conducted with rats. Rats normally shy away from the smell of cat urine and are generally very cautious. However, rats with the parasite became more active, and more likely to be eaten by a cat. Interesting…..

IMG_0163 copie

So the "moral of the story" is that cats are so rad that they actually force others to bend to their will. Buhahahaha!! Look at the Egyptians! Cats had a whole race of people literally worshiping them! And still today people are obsessed with cats… Hell, I'm a self proclaimed "crazy cat lady". Like I said, I've been living around cats my whole life, so I've most likely got the bug.. so to speak. I'm not complaining! I think my feline induced neuroticism makes me interesting!

That's what she said.


Meet Lucifer!! He's cuddly and soft and pretty fucking awesome. I loves him <3




So what else is new?

I'm in the process of building a website with, so I've been shooting a lot for that when I haven't been performing in the outside adult world. I'm very excited about it! It's really going to be a little piece of me, and I have so many ideas and amazing things that I want to share with you all. My goal is to make it extremely personal, me in my home environment, getting off for your own voyeuristic enjoyment! I can't wait to properly announce things.. patience my kittlings!

I'm also going to start feature dancing this month! My first gig will be here in LA, but after that who knows! I want to travel everywhere to meet my fans.. I love traveling.. and I LOVE you guys! You're why I do this!

I can't wait to start dancing again too... I was a stripper for over 2 years, and I always loved being on stage. I'd better get practicing on my pole!

Watch this space…. so much is coming.. xo

IMG_0177 copie

Click here for further reading on Toxoplasma gondii…. For all the rest of my kitty cat fanatics!! Meeeow!

- Miss Diamond xoxo


  1. Your one frisky kitty. I really look up to your steeze;everything you do feels and seems so naturaly alluring. I find that when I sketch these days I end up drawing you.
    I did my first professional shoot with reality kings yesterday; Not quit like my nine hour home video I made with my ex master when I was eighteen,being tied to a cross getting lynched and flogged 54 times; blind folded with a ball gag,etc but a great way to start I think. I hope I get the pleasure of meeting you or better yet working with you. #cough #hairball

  2. Great blog, your site will pwn. Beautiful (lucky) feline. Here's some weirdness you may enjoy:

  3. Congrats on the new furbaby. Awwe Mr. Lucifer aren't you an adorable one! Black cats are my favorite.

  4. Toxoplasma makes humans dopey too (some researchers believe) can explain car accidents. I think I heard one thing on radio 4 in the uk that said something like 30 per cent of humans have it at any given time. Ily lasts for two weeks in us though.

  5. your definitely one of the most beautiful ladies on this freakn planet