Friday, February 24, 2012

Forward motion


Photography: Van Styles

Since I got back from Europe I've been feeling especially inspired…

Edinburgh, Scotland

I went home to Scotland for Christmas and it had been the first time I had been home in a whole year. And boy had things changed since last time. Not in Scotland, but in myself. It's like night and day.

Mulled wine at the christmas market in Edinburgh... one of my favorite traditions

Traditional Scottish cuisine: Haggis, neeps & tatties and Fish & chips

The time before last when I went home for the holidays I was not in a good place.. I had a crappy home with virtually nothing apart from a mattress on the floor and a few suitcases worth of clothing. No money, most of my friends were no where to be found.. and I had found myself feeling very alone, and not in the independent way that I feel now. Shit was bleak.

Reunited with my dog, Pixie <3

This past year though, I went home feeling on top of the fucking world, and right on the verge of something fantastic. I'd had a great year and really improved my quality of life. I can feel it in my bones that even more awesome things are ahead and I'm chomping at the bit to get going! I'm rather impatient… The truly amazing thing is, that every one of my friends and family could see this. They really could see how happy I am now, and how inspired I am!! And THAT my friends is a astonishing feeling. Knowing that everyone you hold close to your heart can see a transition from dark to light, and are cheering you on.


Photography: Van Styles

So since I got back home not only have I been crazy busy working on new movies & projects, working on my website, getting into the business woman role of things.. but I've also been trying to shoot just for fun as much as I possibly can. There's something about modeling that really drives me. The more I shoot the more accomplished I feel, and the more I want to do. The busier I want to be.

Photography: Van Styles

So for your enjoyment, here are some of my favorite picks from the many random photo shoots I've done over the past month. Some of which you will get to see full photo sets of when my website launches … but more on that later….. ^_~

Photography: Richard Avery

Photography: Haus of Se7en

Photography: Van Styles

Photography: Van Styles

Photography: Van Styles

Photography: Allan Amato

Photography: Haus of Se7en

Photography: Van Styles

Photography: Richard Avery

Photography: Aaron Hawks

Photography: Van Styles

Photography: Van Styles

In other news, I recently did an interview for if you'd like to read it.... Enjoy! ^_~

- Miss Diamond xoxo


  1. i really like your modeling work and am glad you are doing more of that now. =)

  2. Tough to go wrong with fish & chips...I think thats what I'm going to make tonight instead. Good show Mamas.