Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Things have been super busy lately with work… Travel, feature dancing, fashion shoots, porno shoots, working my ass off on various other projects that shall remain secret for now.

Doing all of the above as well as trying to maintain a somewhat active social life AND be my regular awkward reclusive self has been a little challenging… haha….

But I do love my life! The other day I went to visit an old friend who I hadn't seen in several months and he asked me what I had been up to. Of course, because I had smoked heavily before hand I replied with "Been super stressed, but it's great!", Everyone laughed at how contradicting my statement was, but it's true! Allow me to elaborate. I feel like there are different levels of stress…. Bad stress and good stress! I mean, no one really likes stress itself, but I'd much rather be happily stressed because I'm doing something that makes me happy and DRIVES me than be bored on my ass doing nothing comfortably. Know what I mean?

So yes. All in all I just want to be in a place where if the aliens do come at the end of the year (if you believe in all that crap) I will have no regrets! Haha….


I've been trying to take more pictures with a camera I bought a little while ago. It's just a shitty little thing.. very basic for my beginner needs, but it still shoots in HD video, so I want to start learning how to edit! I think it'll be fun to make my own little bonus videos for my website!

Here are some random pictures I've taken and tried to edit haha…. I'm not very good, but everyone has to start somewhere don't they?? =)

Play time
Some of my toys...

One of my favorite things to do to myself is put clothespins on my pussy while I masturbate.. hurts and feels good at the same time >=)

random hair I did
A hair thing I did.. I'm only good at one off hair styles.. I doubt I could recreate this =(

flower blooming tea
Some special tea from my mum!

It blooms while it brews!!

A picture from my trip to Spain earlier this year

more of spain
This was my view every single day whilst in Spain!

A silly self portrait..

This will most likely be my last blog here because I am going to migrate to a much more official blog on my upcoming website, which I will be updating a lot more frequently!!

It hasn't launched yet, so when you click on "enter" it just takes you to the puba home page, but it's coming I promise!!!

Here is a teaser from that top secret project I mentioned earlier… ooh you guys are gonna just LOVE it!!!!

Yes that kitty tail is attached to a butt plug which is in my......

Oh! I almost forgot!!!

I made a new instagram! Add me and not all those damn fake profiles of me that are insanely annoying... >_<

Instagram: skindiamond

- Ms Diamond xoxo

Saturday, August 11, 2012


Since I last wrote I feel as thought I have metamorphasised into a completely different person. 

For one thing I am no longer a collared slave. I regret nothing from my experience and I'm happy to have had such a good Daddy to watch me blossom. One of the main things that I ended up gaining from this relationship was discovering my dormant sadistic side that I didn't even know I had! Since then I have been learning the ropes, (pun indeed intended) and finding my feet in a world where I am The Queen! I love it! It's funny how life can take you places that you had no idea was even possible! I've always been a very intense bottom until now….

I still love to submit, I don't think I'll ever get enough of it! But I have found myself becoming a lot pickier with who I allow to Dominate me. I have noticed that this is a common occurrence in women who submit for a living. They grow into beautiful strong Dominatrix's who don't take any shit, and demand the same devotion and endurance that they themselves have gone through. 

Obviously I still have a lot more to learn before I will consider myself a pro Fem-Domme, but I'm very excited for the journey! I love learning new things.. it's time to buy myself a single tail and start practicing. Who wants to come and be my guinea pig? >=)

Be sure to check out my debut scene for DivineBitches.com where I make my slave boy Sebastian squeal like a pig!


In other news, I have a lot of fun travel coming up! First and foremost I will be feature dancing at the CRAZY HORSE in San Francisco THIS MONTH Aug 23rd-25th and I have some awesome stuff planned! Don't miss me!

Next month I will be in Stoughton MA feature dancing at Alex's of Stoughton Sept 13th-15th!! It will be my first time there and I'm so excited!!

And then at the end of the year I'll be in New Jersey for EXXXOTICA!! I've been looking forward to this one for a long time, I hear you Jersey fans are crazy! Hopefully I'll get to go to New York at some point for a mini vacation too.. I've never been! I wanna party it up with all the east coast peeps!

Until next time kittlings!
I will leave you with this picture of me and my soul sister Asphyxia Noir.. who YOU should all vote for in the new Searchlight contest!! Go vote NOW!!!!! >>>SEARCHLIGHT CONTEST<<<




- Ms. Diamond xoxox

Monday, March 12, 2012

Travel junkie

I can't believe how much has happened since christmas…

I have been so busy with working that I feel like it's been much longer than just a few months into the new year!


I have a lot of upcoming stuff too!!

I will be performing in my very first feature dancing gig here in LA! I'm nervous because it's been a while since I poled danced on an actual stage in an actual club, but I'm also really excited! I love dancing!! I have my own pole but I enjoy pole dancing more when I have an audience…


This is just the beginning… I want to feature dance all over the place and meet as many of you as possible! And it gives me the perfect excuse to travel to places that I have never been before! I love adventures!!

Come see me and find out just how much of an exhibitionist I am!!

It is also now official that I will be in Miami for Exxxotica!! I can't wait to visit Miami for the first time ever as well as meet more of my fans!


There is so much more traveling in my immediate future as I'm also going to be shooting in Barcelona for Harmony films!!!

I can barely contain myself!

Also… watch out for Elegant Angels upcoming release "Porn's Top Black Models 3" directed by L.T. and featuring Leilani Leeane, Ana Foxxx & myself!!


- Ms Diamond xoxo

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Kitty Pride!

I just got a new cat!

Photography: Maxime Avet
Latex: Joy Williams

I decided kind of on a whim the other day that now was the perfect time to get myself a little companion since I had been thinking about doing it a lot anyway. I grew up always surrounded by kitty cats. They are a constant source of amusement yet they are totally independent, and I can get down with that.

I like to see myself as very cat like (you may have noticed) … maybe I was a cat in another life?! Or maybe I'm just crazy. It's very probably the latter….

IMG_0129 copie

There have been studies of a parasite (Toxoplasma gondii) that is found in cat feces that can infect humans. This parasite lies dormant in the brain and other tissues of humans and affects neurotic behavior.

The studies were conducted with rats. Rats normally shy away from the smell of cat urine and are generally very cautious. However, rats with the parasite became more active, and more likely to be eaten by a cat. Interesting…..

IMG_0163 copie

So the "moral of the story" is that cats are so rad that they actually force others to bend to their will. Buhahahaha!! Look at the Egyptians! Cats had a whole race of people literally worshiping them! And still today people are obsessed with cats… Hell, I'm a self proclaimed "crazy cat lady". Like I said, I've been living around cats my whole life, so I've most likely got the bug.. so to speak. I'm not complaining! I think my feline induced neuroticism makes me interesting!

That's what she said.


Meet Lucifer!! He's cuddly and soft and pretty fucking awesome. I loves him <3




So what else is new?

I'm in the process of building a website with Puba.com, so I've been shooting a lot for that when I haven't been performing in the outside adult world. I'm very excited about it! It's really going to be a little piece of me, and I have so many ideas and amazing things that I want to share with you all. My goal is to make it extremely personal, me in my home environment, getting off for your own voyeuristic enjoyment! I can't wait to properly announce things.. patience my kittlings!

I'm also going to start feature dancing this month! My first gig will be here in LA, but after that who knows! I want to travel everywhere to meet my fans.. I love traveling.. and I LOVE you guys! You're why I do this!

I can't wait to start dancing again too... I was a stripper for over 2 years, and I always loved being on stage. I'd better get practicing on my pole!

Watch this space…. so much is coming.. xo

IMG_0177 copie

Click here for further reading on Toxoplasma gondii…. For all the rest of my kitty cat fanatics!! Meeeow!

- Miss Diamond xoxo

Friday, February 24, 2012

Forward motion


Photography: Van Styles

Since I got back from Europe I've been feeling especially inspired…

Edinburgh, Scotland

I went home to Scotland for Christmas and it had been the first time I had been home in a whole year. And boy had things changed since last time. Not in Scotland, but in myself. It's like night and day.

Mulled wine at the christmas market in Edinburgh... one of my favorite traditions

Traditional Scottish cuisine: Haggis, neeps & tatties and Fish & chips

The time before last when I went home for the holidays I was not in a good place.. I had a crappy home with virtually nothing apart from a mattress on the floor and a few suitcases worth of clothing. No money, most of my friends were no where to be found.. and I had found myself feeling very alone, and not in the independent way that I feel now. Shit was bleak.

Reunited with my dog, Pixie <3

This past year though, I went home feeling on top of the fucking world, and right on the verge of something fantastic. I'd had a great year and really improved my quality of life. I can feel it in my bones that even more awesome things are ahead and I'm chomping at the bit to get going! I'm rather impatient… The truly amazing thing is, that every one of my friends and family could see this. They really could see how happy I am now, and how inspired I am!! And THAT my friends is a astonishing feeling. Knowing that everyone you hold close to your heart can see a transition from dark to light, and are cheering you on.


Photography: Van Styles

So since I got back home not only have I been crazy busy working on new movies & projects, working on my website, getting into the business woman role of things.. but I've also been trying to shoot just for fun as much as I possibly can. There's something about modeling that really drives me. The more I shoot the more accomplished I feel, and the more I want to do. The busier I want to be.

Photography: Van Styles

So for your enjoyment, here are some of my favorite picks from the many random photo shoots I've done over the past month. Some of which you will get to see full photo sets of when my website launches … but more on that later….. ^_~

Photography: Richard Avery

Photography: Haus of Se7en

Photography: Van Styles

Photography: Van Styles

Photography: Van Styles

Photography: Allan Amato

Photography: Haus of Se7en

Photography: Van Styles

Photography: Richard Avery

Photography: Aaron Hawks

Photography: Van Styles

Photography: Van Styles

In other news, I recently did an interview for Newzbreaker.com if you'd like to read it.... Enjoy! ^_~

- Miss Diamond xoxo

Sunday, February 19, 2012

My birthday!!

Happy Birthday to me!!

Born 2/18

One of the best things about my job is that it gave me the opportunity to work for Kink.com, which is now one of my favorite companies to work for. Usually though because I do so much mainstream porn as well as BDSM, it means that I must enforce a strict "no marks" policy. People just don't want to shoot a girl covered in bruises. Unless of course you're into that sort of thing ^_~

However as a little birthday treat, my agent Mark Spiegler gave me some days off specifically so that I could run away to my Master on The Upper Floor and have the living daylights beat out of me. This is something that I requested myself because I wanted to see how far I could push my body, and I love suffering for my Master! <3

Daddy & i

What's also pretty neat is that this was all filmed LIVE on the upper floor, so you guys can all watch as well!!

I love my marks.


I love watching how they heal and change colors … from black to purple, green & red. I love wearing them on my body like little badges of honor in the same way a girl scout would be proud to show off her hard earned badges. I suffered well and I ended my night on a complete high! It was truly the best birthday that I can remember having for a very very long time. I was so overwhelmed with intense emotion that all I wanted to do at the end was cry in my Masters lap.. in a good way! I couldn't be more thankful for how the night turned out.

Unfortunately though, as much as I love them, they have got to go! I can't be showing up to shoots looking like a dalmation after all….

Here are some tips for getting rid of bruises FAST:

Use plenty of arnica!! Arnica can be found in either a cream or gel, and it can also be taken orally. I like using a mixture of the two (oral & topical)


I also like to use Chinese Woodlock oil, which is traditionally used for muscle aches and blood circulation problems, but I find that it also works amazingly at making bruises magically disappear! A mixture of all of these several times a day is enough to make those beautiful marks vanish, and relatively quickly… unfortunately.

Now it is time to relax! Tomorrow I'm having a little birthday dinner with some of my closest friends! I like birthdays to be a very intimate affair so that I can give everyone my fullest attention. I'm very excited because after I make dinner for all my loved ones I'm going to dress up in this….

Fok jalle naaiers
My gloomy bear kigurumi

… and paint my face with blood (fake) and turn into a crazy animal until the wee hours of the morning! I'm very excited!!! I have all this time off while I heal so I'm using it to the fullest extent that I can! I think I will also get myself some new furry additions to my dirty cottage as a present to myself and I'm also going to go see one of my favorite bands ever, Die Antwoord! It will be the perfect birthday week!

Now I'm off to go steam an artichoke and dip it in melted garlic butter. All for me!!! Buhahahahaha!!!! IT'S MY MUTHA-FUCKIN BIRTHDAY WEEK BITCHEZ!!!


I added lemon, crushed whole garlic cloves and some salt to the water to add flavor as it steams! Yummerz!!!

Until next time my kittlings <3

- Miss Diamond xoxo

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mi casa

Photography: Van Styles

I love my new flat.

It's like living in a little cottage in the middle of the city. Which has secretly always been my dream place to live. Think of the teachers house in the movie "Matilda"... That's it!!

Moving day!!

Yeah, I know. Not very badass. I believe that people think I'm a lot meaner than I am in real life because that's the look I embody. It's my "character". And although I do have a very dark & twisted sense of humor with a love for violence, I'm actually pretty down to earth and extremely awkward.

The realization that people might think I'm "mean" or aloof has been floating to the surface more and more these days through the questions that I'm asked in interviews and by hearing the things that people say about me.

I think this is why……

When I was a teenager and lived in the darkest depths of ned-ville Scotland, I used to get A LOT of shit.

I was made fun of for being american.

For having bushy hair.

For having a fuller ass.

For being a geeky little jesus-camp-nobody.

So of course I finally cracked and went a little crazy and turned to the gods of metal. During this transition I became your average angst filled teenager (as one does) and would try and look as mean and weird as humanly possible.

Age 15

This in turn worked in my favor and people stopped messing with me as much. It got to the point where people would actually avoid fighting with me.

The technique I achieved is similar to when animals make themselves bright colors that scream "Danger! I'm poisonous!" but really they wouldn't do a damn thing. That's me. I'm a big ol' softy.

Tic & Tac chillin' out

If someone pisses me off I would much rather simply cut them out of my life and pretend they don't exist than to start a fight. Which I think is actually a lot more annoying to people. Especially people that feed off of drama.

LA is unfortunately filled with people like this so I've been finding myself hiding away inside of my cottage for lengths at a time. I don't even have to worry about getting lonely because my little nest is haunted and I've made friends with the ghost. He/she is the best room mate ever. Always listening, yet never interfering. Except for sometimes making the lights flicker for no reason. But I think that's just it's way of trying to get my attention.

I honestly think that's the only reason why ghosts will sometimes cause such a ruckus. I mean, I would get pretty annoyed too if I kept trying to say hello to a "fleshy" and they just ignored me all the time. "I'm trying to say hello you rude fuck!!"

I'm getting waaaay off track here….

Anyway!… Here are some snaps from around my little cottage in the city!

I love having fresh flowers in my house at all times

My bathroom

Breakfast is my favorite meal ever! (PB&J french toast and maple smoked bacon)

Kinda obsessed with baths...

The view from my bed

My "girl corner"

Some of what you will find in my naughty drawer... >=)

- Miss Diamond xoxo