Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Where to begin!
First off you may be interested to know that I am officially this months jGrrl for Juliland.com! So you'll be seeing lots of me on there for the rest of November!


I will be guest with Mr Avery of Juliland tomorrow on Playboy radio @ 4pm with Nicki Hunter! Be sure to tune into that!

Sooo it was recently Halloween! I hope all you guys had fun ^_~
I dressed up as Storm from X-Men for theupperfloor.com Halloween party that was streamed LIVE! But no worries if you missed it cause it will go up as an actual update as well.. Much debauchery was to be had!

Here is Daddy & I in our costumes!


I lost most of my "outfit" by the end of the night though... oops. Although I did manage to keep my contacts in all night! They were pretty difficult to see out of, but I just saw it as a fun way to experience some sensory deprivation hehe...



I'm all moved into my new apartment! I love it! It's so beautiful and I love that the building was built in the 20's. Apparently the building was once owned by one of the major films studios (Warner Brothers or Paramount) and they used to have their actors live in this building, so I basically live in Charlie Chaplins old apartment! Haha... I love how random Hollywood can be =P

If you like you can send me a house warming gift! I like presents... Http://amzn.com/w/39T574ZDVXFKF


Talk to you soon kittlings!

- Ms. Diamond xoxo


  1. OBSESSED with the first picture. lookin' amazing, lady<3

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