Monday, August 15, 2011

Frequently Asked Questions

Hi there!


I think it's due time that I created a blog of this nature..

What is your ethnicity? I'm mixed, on my dads side, Ethiopean & Danish.. And on my mums, Czech, Yugoslavian & German! So my family is a mixture of slaves, slave owners, and gypsies. Fun!

Wait, you say you're from Scotland, so why do you sound American? My parents are american originally, but we moved to Scotland when I was about 4 years old. Although I lived there my entire life, because I grew up around my parents accents and I would regularly travel back to the States during the summer holidays, it became very easy for me to pick up on the accent. However when I go back home or get a drink in me, the Scottish sneaks back out!

How long have you been modeling for? I've been modeling since I was 19... I did some of my first shoots for alt softporn website and after that I started traveling wherever I could (mainly LA & London) building up my portfolio and making contacts. When I first started I did it just for fun, I never thought I would actually make a career out of it! I always dreamed about doing it though... ^_~

Is it hard being an alt model, especially one of color? It is very hard to make a living out of alt modeling no matter what color you are, since there isn't a huge market for girls with tattoos (though these days it is FAR more accepted) & there are very few, if any, agencies that cater for alt models. All of the biggest and most amazing alt models I know work EXTREMELY hard to make a name for themselves, it is definitely not for the faint of heart, but it's fun and can be very rewarding!

How did you get into BDSM? Around the same time I started modeling. I was kinda a late starter when it came to actually messing around with people because I was always so shy. Then one day when I had gone to London for the first time by myself to do some modeling, I went to legendary fetish club Torture Garden with my friend. There I got tied up for the first time, there were people walking around naked beating each other up, crazy erotic performances.. it was magical. This world had always enticed me, but I grew up thinking it was wrong and all of a sudden I was surrounded by hundreds of people who felt the same way I did. I never looked back.

You grew up thinking BDSM was wrong? Why? Yes, because I'm from a religious background. My dad was in the ministry and he traveled a lot preaching. My up bringing was pretty strict.. Sex was always this big thing I wasn't supposed to pay attention to. But what happens when you tell a child not to do something? It makes it all the more intriguing. My barbies were all nudist lesbians for some reason and then I accidentally saw porn for the first time when I was only 7 years old. And after that I actively looked for it. I couldn't wait to grow boobs and have sex for the first time.

How did you get into porn? I filmed a few scenes for in 2009 just for the experience. I never thought I'd start doing it full time, not in a million years! But this January I decided to see if I could actually make something of myself in the mainstream porn world, so I contacted Mark Spiegler about joining his awesome roster of hotties. I've been having the time of my life! I can't believe I get paid to do this!!!

I heard that you got your pheonix tattoo on your back to cover a burn, what happened? basically I was involved in an accident involving a lot of stupidity.
I was experimenting with fire play with a few people that had no idea what they were doing and everything went wrong....
The end result was in me almost dying and having to go to hospital with 2nd degree burns all over my back. I never thought I'd model again, and it was an extremely distressing time of my life. (And PAINFUL.)
However, it gave me a very valid reason to radically change my decision to move from Edinburgh to London. Instead, I stayed here! That is what this pheonix represents. Out of the ashes was born an amazing new life here in LA, and although it was a horrible experience, I gained more than I could ask for from it! =)I cannot stress enough how dangerous fire play is and you should only experiment with with it if you are 110% sure the people you are doing it with know what they're doing. I was pretty fuckin' lucky.


Why did you shave half of your head? Why the hell not?? Ha!

- Ms. Diamond xoxo


  1. I love you Skin!! so great to know your are mixed with alot!! No wonder you're so beautiful haha! I love hearing your's adorable!

    I do hope to meet you one day, you are truly an inspiration to me and I hope to get a photo op with you! My bf doesn't understand the alt modeling world..but I love it and will always admire it and be a huge fan. Since I graduated Uni and working in the corporate world now...and 23..I feel like it's too late to get into the alt modeling industry...I"m also pretty curvy and tall..haha.

    Anyway, all the best!!! Good Luck to you and Asphyxia!!!! you two are gorgeous together!


  2. What type of minister was your dad?

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