Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Better late than never...

Well what do ya know! Apparently I made this little blog several months ago and completely forgot about it!

Well after a little bit of a re-vamp I think it's time that I actually started writing in this thing, don't you? Glad you're with me on that.


So! What has my busy little self been up to these days? Lots of mischief my kittlings.. and it's been wonderful. I'm anxiously awaiting for all these movies I've been doing to come out! Including a few Vivid Features, stuff for Triangle Films, a movie for Hustler, some for Sweetheart Video, several for Penthouse, Elegant Angel.. and that's to name but a few!

This is one DVD cover for Elegant Angel that I'm particularly proud of, I hope you like it too!

Up that black ass 8

I've also been working a lot for which has to be by far one of my absolute favorite sites to work for. Why you ask? Because only there have I learned exactly how much of a masochistic little kittling I am! There's something about the bond that forms between Dom & submissive, the feeling of the tight rope that suspends you to anothers will, and the sounds of screams of pain & pleasure as you walk down the halls of the armory. I have to say I'm rather addicted! Teehee...

This picture captures that feeling beautifully.

The Training of O

JP is one of, if not the best Dom I've ever had the divine pleasure of working with.... In fact I'll be doing my last (waaaah) Training of O shoot with him LIVE this Saturday so don't miss it!!

Tomorrow I will be doing a podcast with my agent Mark Spiegler for Elegant Angel, keep an eye on my twitter for details on that ^_~

Aaaaand I've just got the news that I'll be signing with legendary porn starlet, Belladonna at her booth at LA Exxxotica convention on the 28th Aug! So that's good news for all you LA fans! Come see meeeee!!! =^~,0^=

I recently just filmed for Diplo's new track "Pick your poison"! The song kicks some major fuckin' ass and the video will be just as epic.. Here's me and the crew after filming.. such a crazy fun evening ^_~

Diplo music video shoot

Hmmmm what else...? I guess that's it! I will leave you with this absurd picture of black children riding in the back of a truck on the freeway.

Ms. Diamond xoxo



  1. If your blog is as fun to follow as your twitter, I can't wait!