Friday, December 16, 2011

Ho Ho Hoes

Hello everyone!! It's almost that time of year again where the world over indulges itself in the name of religion. I just like the over indulgence part.... (like I need an excuse)

ho ho hoes #2

As some of you may have noticed I have been cast as Storm in the new Vivid Super hero feature "X-Men:XXX" directed by Axel Braun!! I'm very very excited about it seeing as I love Storm, she is definitely my favorite character and if you know the comics she is one of the most badass X-Men!

Tommy Gunn & I being sillyTommy Gunn & I

Lounging around

Mike Moz as Prof. X
Mike Moz

Storm XXX

Another awesome new release I'm in is Elegant Angels "Best New Starlets 2012" in which I co-star alongside Lily Labeau, Holly Michaels, Lily Carter & Jessie Andrews! Watch the trailer -> here <--

I've been been playing with a lot of girls this month... Lily Carter & I's first scene together is coming out in Sweetheart Films "Lesbian Babysitters 6" directed by Nica Noelle!! I love this girl, she is so sexual and enticing.. it's very hard not to get lured into her eyes, and I find myself feeling a bit dominant towards her.. I'm not sure why that is since I'm so submissive usually.. she must bring it out of me.... >=P

Lesbian Babysitters

Also! My newest Vivid movie directed by David Stanley & shot by B. Skow is coming out! This was my first starring role for Vivid so I'm very excited about this one and I really hope everyone that watches it enjoys it! It was a blast to shoot & hopefully it will show... It's called "The Threeway" starring Asphyxia Noir, Xander Corvus & myself =)

The Threeway
Available to purchase -->here<--

Here's a little sneak peak of a shoot I just for a new Evil Angel release, Jonni Darkkos "Sloppy Head 4" ^_~

sloppy head 4

Sloppy Head 4

It's been a long & busy year... and I'm really looking forward to having some much needed time off and spending it with my family back home in Scotland for the holidays! Unfortunately this means that I'm going to have to endure the freezing winter temperatures that Scotland has been preparing for me... it's going be fun though! I can't wait!!!!

For those of you who may wish to send me an X-Mas present here is my >wishlist< If you include your contact info in the note then I can send you a present back! Either my underwear from a shoot or a signed DVD/print or all three! The holiday is about exchanging gifts, am I right? ^_~

Hope you all have an awesome Christmas... xo


- Ms. Diamond xoxo

Monday, December 5, 2011

As 2012 draws nearer...

Jesus! It's been a month since I last wrote! WHERE does the time go?? It's hard trying to organize my thoughts of what happened.. it's all turned into one giant big pile of mush...


I've been shooting a lot, working for Kink, Brazzers, Penthouse, Vivid, Jonni Darkko, and more.. I also landed a lead role in Axel Brauns new super hero feature... I wonder if you can guess who I'm going to be? ^_~
We start filming this week... I'm freakin' EXCITED!!!!!!!

I also did a few photoshoots, including some stuff for Vice UK magazine shot by Kimberly Kane.. The pictures are amazing, I can't wait 'till that comes out!

Here are some pics of the highlights of this past month...

Here I am on my way to Nica Noelle's set!

Shots from upcoming release "Spinners" directed by Jonni Darkko!! I got to work with Sean Michaels... hmmm yummy <3
photo-32 photo-33

About to go on Playboy radio with Richard Avery!!

This morning I woke up to the amazing news that I have 5 AVN nominations including "Best New Starlet"! Yay! Just being nominated is amazing and it's all thanks to my amazing fans for sticking around during this crazy ride that is my life! I love what I do and I love to please, so knowing that I'm doing just that has made me a very happy kitten indeed!
Please remember to vote for me here !!

Hmmmmm what else has happened?
I have discovered that I like playing with clothespins.. especially on my clit.

And I've been taking a lot of baths...

'Till next time lovers...!

- Ms. Diamond xoxo

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Where to begin!
First off you may be interested to know that I am officially this months jGrrl for! So you'll be seeing lots of me on there for the rest of November!


I will be guest with Mr Avery of Juliland tomorrow on Playboy radio @ 4pm with Nicki Hunter! Be sure to tune into that!

Sooo it was recently Halloween! I hope all you guys had fun ^_~
I dressed up as Storm from X-Men for Halloween party that was streamed LIVE! But no worries if you missed it cause it will go up as an actual update as well.. Much debauchery was to be had!

Here is Daddy & I in our costumes!


I lost most of my "outfit" by the end of the night though... oops. Although I did manage to keep my contacts in all night! They were pretty difficult to see out of, but I just saw it as a fun way to experience some sensory deprivation hehe...



I'm all moved into my new apartment! I love it! It's so beautiful and I love that the building was built in the 20's. Apparently the building was once owned by one of the major films studios (Warner Brothers or Paramount) and they used to have their actors live in this building, so I basically live in Charlie Chaplins old apartment! Haha... I love how random Hollywood can be =P

If you like you can send me a house warming gift! I like presents... Http://


Talk to you soon kittlings!

- Ms. Diamond xoxo

Saturday, October 29, 2011


Holy crap!! The past few weeks have been really overwhelming... in a good way of course ^_~
I just wrapped a huge production for AMKingdoms first original feature "Revenge of the Petites" in which I co-starred with Marie McCray!! It was a grueling 9 day shoot full of 12 hour long days. Pretty exhausting... but it was amazing to work with such a fantastic cast & crew!

The movie is about Marie & I embarking on our first year of college, and the trials and tribulations of sororities & trying to find ones self in the midst of everything. And of course there's sex. Lots and lots of sex.

Here are some behind the scenes pics....

First day of college!

Joining the petites sorority after being rejected by the Thetas...

Goofing off during class!

Passing out after a long day next to fellow Spiegler Girl Leilani Leeanne aka Niegler Girl (lol)
Photo on 2011-10-19 at 01.09 #3

The beautiful Riley Reid & I! (I have a big ol' crush on her now....)

Relaxing in between takes in front of Katie St Ives ass... I mean! ...the fire.

It made me feel like I was back at college when I studied Acting & Performance. It was great to do some real acting, and because it was such a long shoot, the whole cast & crew became good friends. It was kinda weird once it was all over knowing I wasn't going to see them every day anymore... =(

Can't wait for it to come out!! Should be next year around Feb (my birthday!) if all goes smoothly.... Stay tuned!

If you hadn't seen it yet, here is a shot from the shoot I talked about in my last blog with Masuimi Max! Meee-OW! =^~,o^=


And yes, those shoes are extremely difficult to stand/walk in. During the shoot there was a HUGE spider right next to us. As an arachnophobic, it was a definitely test of my balancing skills trying to run away from it in ballet boots. I succeeded. It's amazing what a little motivation can do....

In other news, I'm moving in just a few days!!

Photo on 2011-10-27 at 16.11

I'm currently undergoing some major changes in my life, and although it's heartbreaking, I have to remember that change is a good thing most of the time and this is a new stepping stone for me. It is hard... but luckily I have many people around me helping me through it and if it weren't for them I could be breaking apart right now...

The sun has set on that particular chapter of my life, and it was an amazing ride that I will NEVER forget. It shaped me into the person I am today...


Right now I'm getting ready for the big Halloween party on which will be streamed LIVE for all the members! I can't wait!!!!! Halloween is my favorite holiday ^_~
Come watch see what debauchery unfolds....

What are you guys doing for Halloween?

- Ms. Diamond xoxo

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Things are about to get insanely busy.. Not only have I already shot for Mike Adriano & Jonnie Darkko this week.. but then I'm shooting for Sweetheart Films, Penthouse and then the filming begins for AMKingdoms first original feature film, "Revenge of the Petites" in which I'll be starring alongside Marie McCray & Lily Labeau!

Last week I shot for Ellen Stagg with Masuimi Max.. It was really nice to work with a model who I have always looked up to and to have a blast doing it! Sometimes it can be disappointing meeting someone you have always admired because they may not always meet your expectations, but Masuimi was nice and bubbly and we had a great time! She is also extremely beautiful in person... *girl crush*

Here are some behind the scenes pics!



Hopefully I'll be able to post the results soon.. I love working with Ellen! She an amazing photographer ^_~

Time for me to go run around like a mad woman trying to get everything done! I'm shooting with Ricahrd Avery later for my new and improved official blog site! It's gonna be real dirrrty..


- Ms. Diamond xoxo

Friday, September 30, 2011

Deeper down that perverted rabbit hole....

It's been a while! Not anymore! From now on expect at least a weekly update from me. Life just took hold and wouldn't let me go for a while. What a dick.


Today I would like to discuss my recent collaring and the long trip down the rabbit hole into my full time submission to my Master. Many would be intimidated by this concept, and I wouldn't blame them, given the wild goose chase our society has led us to believe about the S&M world. In reality, this is one of the most important things I have ever done in my life.

For me, submission balances me and keeps me sane. Think of it as my shrink. It enables me to process the shittiness that sometimes comes in life in a healthy and more importantly FUN way!! When I suffer through intense bondage and punishment, it opens me up to experience that inner pain I'm already feeling in a physical way, and once it's over and my Daddy holds me and tells me what a good girl i am, i feel release. It's AMAZING!!!
It's especially great because as you may have noticed from the scars that my body is riddled with... I used to self harm. Self harming is a touchy subject and although I'm not going to go into why I did it exactly, I will tell you how it made me feel. Basically... exactly the above. It made me feels like the hurt on the inside that was dying to come out, was able to surface. Obviously this is not a good thing to do to yourself. Permanent reminders of suffering are never a fun thing. However.... BDSM has this same effect on me, yet it is done in a positive way and is much more healthy, and less self destructive. And again.... FUN!

My collaring has had such a great effect on me. Because it is in my nature to please regardless of the situation, I get great satisfaction knowing my Master is happy because of something I did for Him. And having a constant Dominant in my life has grounded me in such a large way.. I feel as if I'm finally able to cope with distressing events, because he allows me to.

Now, i am proud slave to The Pope.. and He is very good at keeping me in line.... =P


At my collaring ceremony having my Masters crest tattooed on my ankle to symbolize my devotion to Him.

The tattoo...

It is difficult being the full-time submissive slave to someone who lives so far away from me, i in LA.. He in SF. But that doesn't mean He doesn't have a tight leash on me! One of the many things i do for Him is to send a constant stream of dirty pictures. Here is one of those of myself sporting my collar!


This past weekend i was in SF for Folsom Fair with Daddy & my girlfriend! It was definitely an experience to be beaten and humiliated in front on literally hundreds of bystanders! I think I may have enjoyed myself a little too much >=P



And the great thing is that you have the chance to see what debauchery we all got up to! All on -> The Upper Floor<-...

Hanging out with some of the other slave girls.... Krysta Khaos, Asphyxia Noir & Iona Grace.

For some further examples of D/s relations I recommend watching the movie "Secretary" and reading "Story of O".... two of my favorite things ever!!!

Have fun kittlings....

- Ms. Diamond xo

Monday, August 15, 2011

Frequently Asked Questions

Hi there!


I think it's due time that I created a blog of this nature..

What is your ethnicity? I'm mixed, on my dads side, Ethiopean & Danish.. And on my mums, Czech, Yugoslavian & German! So my family is a mixture of slaves, slave owners, and gypsies. Fun!

Wait, you say you're from Scotland, so why do you sound American? My parents are american originally, but we moved to Scotland when I was about 4 years old. Although I lived there my entire life, because I grew up around my parents accents and I would regularly travel back to the States during the summer holidays, it became very easy for me to pick up on the accent. However when I go back home or get a drink in me, the Scottish sneaks back out!

How long have you been modeling for? I've been modeling since I was 19... I did some of my first shoots for alt softporn website and after that I started traveling wherever I could (mainly LA & London) building up my portfolio and making contacts. When I first started I did it just for fun, I never thought I would actually make a career out of it! I always dreamed about doing it though... ^_~

Is it hard being an alt model, especially one of color? It is very hard to make a living out of alt modeling no matter what color you are, since there isn't a huge market for girls with tattoos (though these days it is FAR more accepted) & there are very few, if any, agencies that cater for alt models. All of the biggest and most amazing alt models I know work EXTREMELY hard to make a name for themselves, it is definitely not for the faint of heart, but it's fun and can be very rewarding!

How did you get into BDSM? Around the same time I started modeling. I was kinda a late starter when it came to actually messing around with people because I was always so shy. Then one day when I had gone to London for the first time by myself to do some modeling, I went to legendary fetish club Torture Garden with my friend. There I got tied up for the first time, there were people walking around naked beating each other up, crazy erotic performances.. it was magical. This world had always enticed me, but I grew up thinking it was wrong and all of a sudden I was surrounded by hundreds of people who felt the same way I did. I never looked back.

You grew up thinking BDSM was wrong? Why? Yes, because I'm from a religious background. My dad was in the ministry and he traveled a lot preaching. My up bringing was pretty strict.. Sex was always this big thing I wasn't supposed to pay attention to. But what happens when you tell a child not to do something? It makes it all the more intriguing. My barbies were all nudist lesbians for some reason and then I accidentally saw porn for the first time when I was only 7 years old. And after that I actively looked for it. I couldn't wait to grow boobs and have sex for the first time.

How did you get into porn? I filmed a few scenes for in 2009 just for the experience. I never thought I'd start doing it full time, not in a million years! But this January I decided to see if I could actually make something of myself in the mainstream porn world, so I contacted Mark Spiegler about joining his awesome roster of hotties. I've been having the time of my life! I can't believe I get paid to do this!!!

I heard that you got your pheonix tattoo on your back to cover a burn, what happened? basically I was involved in an accident involving a lot of stupidity.
I was experimenting with fire play with a few people that had no idea what they were doing and everything went wrong....
The end result was in me almost dying and having to go to hospital with 2nd degree burns all over my back. I never thought I'd model again, and it was an extremely distressing time of my life. (And PAINFUL.)
However, it gave me a very valid reason to radically change my decision to move from Edinburgh to London. Instead, I stayed here! That is what this pheonix represents. Out of the ashes was born an amazing new life here in LA, and although it was a horrible experience, I gained more than I could ask for from it! =)I cannot stress enough how dangerous fire play is and you should only experiment with with it if you are 110% sure the people you are doing it with know what they're doing. I was pretty fuckin' lucky.


Why did you shave half of your head? Why the hell not?? Ha!

- Ms. Diamond xoxo

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Better late than never...

Well what do ya know! Apparently I made this little blog several months ago and completely forgot about it!

Well after a little bit of a re-vamp I think it's time that I actually started writing in this thing, don't you? Glad you're with me on that.


So! What has my busy little self been up to these days? Lots of mischief my kittlings.. and it's been wonderful. I'm anxiously awaiting for all these movies I've been doing to come out! Including a few Vivid Features, stuff for Triangle Films, a movie for Hustler, some for Sweetheart Video, several for Penthouse, Elegant Angel.. and that's to name but a few!

This is one DVD cover for Elegant Angel that I'm particularly proud of, I hope you like it too!

Up that black ass 8

I've also been working a lot for which has to be by far one of my absolute favorite sites to work for. Why you ask? Because only there have I learned exactly how much of a masochistic little kittling I am! There's something about the bond that forms between Dom & submissive, the feeling of the tight rope that suspends you to anothers will, and the sounds of screams of pain & pleasure as you walk down the halls of the armory. I have to say I'm rather addicted! Teehee...

This picture captures that feeling beautifully.

The Training of O

JP is one of, if not the best Dom I've ever had the divine pleasure of working with.... In fact I'll be doing my last (waaaah) Training of O shoot with him LIVE this Saturday so don't miss it!!

Tomorrow I will be doing a podcast with my agent Mark Spiegler for Elegant Angel, keep an eye on my twitter for details on that ^_~

Aaaaand I've just got the news that I'll be signing with legendary porn starlet, Belladonna at her booth at LA Exxxotica convention on the 28th Aug! So that's good news for all you LA fans! Come see meeeee!!! =^~,0^=

I recently just filmed for Diplo's new track "Pick your poison"! The song kicks some major fuckin' ass and the video will be just as epic.. Here's me and the crew after filming.. such a crazy fun evening ^_~

Diplo music video shoot

Hmmmm what else...? I guess that's it! I will leave you with this absurd picture of black children riding in the back of a truck on the freeway.

Ms. Diamond xoxo